squatting in flat shoes okay? squatting in flat shoes okay?

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Thread: squatting in flat shoes okay?

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    Default squatting in flat shoes okay?

    i squat much better with flat sneakers. i dont feel comfortable with heeled shoes unless i squat very narrow. is this okay????

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    We won't come after you and club you over the head with barbells, if that's what you're asking. Though I think a lot of people benefit from a little heel, for low bar squats it's often not required. The non-compressibility of the sole and arch support and stability of the metatarsal strap are the more important aspects. If someone made a flat or extremely small drop shoe (like 1/8 inch or something) for lifting with a hard, rigid sole and a properly placed strap, it'd probably be perfectly fine for many people for all of the lifts.

    Problem is, find me one? The shoes people use for this are usually Reebok Nanos, Nike Metcons, No-Bull trainers, or chuck taylor/converse. None of which have a strap, and all of which are compressible. Better than regular sneakers? Absolutely. Proper lifting shoes? No. So a cost-benefit needs to be made on what you're giving up vs what you're gaining.

    Last but not least, you say
    i dont feel comfortable with heeled shoes unless i squat very narrow.
    We don't really care how you feel. We care about your squat being performed correctly. So now that I think about it, I may have wasted my time above. You probably just need your form ironed out and your feelings are lying to you. On the off chance your form is good and you do better in the flats, go ahead and wear them, but try to find the most rigid, non-compressible flat soled shoe you can.
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