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    People ask me what itís like to lift a heavy weight, and this is the best I can do to describe it: a heavy weight is like a loud white noise blaring full blast into your ears. A heavy weight tries to distract you from your technique; it tries to disrupt your focus and composure.

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    Mr. Raghavan,

    Thank you. Your SS video of the double layback 225 lb press for five is among my favorites. Enjoyed the entire essay, which I read at lunch today, and especially appreciate your confiding that 5-rep deadlifts give you trouble. I'm a 53 y.o. male, on the SS program for 3-1/2 years, now intermediate. Got my deadlift to 470 lb singles earlier in the year through "running it out" and then reset to 425 to work up from fives again. Got sick a month ago for a week. Stuck at 430 the past two weeks and can't get past a triple. Was getting triples at 455 in March. Coincidentally, I deadlift on Fridays. Today, could feel myself losing faith again after the third rep at 430. This time I ignored it. I pulled the fourth, my quads begged me to stop just as they had the past two weeks, I just repeated that Matt Reynolds quote to keep pulling/pushing for five seconds, and got my fourth and fifth reps. This cue had worked for me on the squat in the past but I'd forgotten about it and never thought to deploy it on the deadlift.

    Tranquility under the bar. When I squat heavy on Tuesday I'll think of that.



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