4 weeks ago, I had videoed my squat sets on a 5x5 volume day at 340 lbs on Texas Method. I couldn't hit depth for whatever reason. Using a belt, I did an additional set of 2 after my work sets. I dive-bombed into the hole and still did not hit depth. After the set, my right low back/top of right buttock hurt just a little. On Friday, I did power cleans without problem, just a little pain. On Monday, I pulled a deadlift PR of 380x5x1. My low back back hurt for the rest of the day. On Friday, I pulled a power clean PR, 215x3x5. The following Monday, I came to my last deadlift warm-up set and by then I realized that doing the work set would be detrimental. For the last 2 weeks I have not pulled from the floor. The reason for the first week was to let it rest. The reason for the second week of rest was because I had a football contact day and I didn't want it to hurt during that. I am now hitting depth on my squats again, 380x5x1 on Friday and 345x5x5 on Monday without pain. On Monday I attempted deadlifts again and I did not attempt my last warm-up set of 315x2 because the pain led me to believe that doing so would be detrimental. What should I do for pulls from the floor? Should I abstain completely? Squatting causes my injury no pain at all. There are a lot of instances of this kind of injury on the forum under the search bar, but all they say is to not use the Starr Protocol. It seems to be entirely a muscular injury and not bone related.

I appreciate any advice,

Jack Morrison