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Thread: Weak 47 year old weight jumps

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    Quote Originally Posted by James7 View Post
    After 2 weeks:

    S 40-65 KG

    P 22.5-27.5

    B 35-40

    D 50-95

    Weight up 7-8lb.

    On my last squats at 65 I felt my form wasn't A1 and also went light headed after.

    On my last DL's at 95 it took all I had to get 5 reps it was a real struggle, again with a slight dip in form.

    Is now the time to drop both to a 2.5 KG progression?

    Cheers all.
    As you are not accustomed to lifting heavy weights you may severely underestimate your capability. For example, an 80 KG person who can walk up stairs 2 at a time has most of the leg strength needed to perform a squat at 80 kg load, without any additional training. Consequently, I suggest you proceed with the same increments you have been using, but at the next workout video your sets. This will enable you to objectively assess any developing form degradation much more accurately than you can during the set. Having been through linear progression a few times due to interruptions in strength training I can assure you that the sensation today's set took all you had is a very poor predictor of impending failure.

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    Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

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