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Thread: The Double Layback: A Lifterís Approach | Carl Raghavan

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    Default The Double Layback: A Lifterís Approach | Carl Raghavan

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    "Iíd like to tell you what it is Iím doing, and how itís an excellent way to get strong. Iím not a doctor, Iím not a physiotherapist, Iím not a chiropractor. Iím a lifter, a coach, and a practitioner of the much-maligned double layback Ė and I can offer you some insight into what I know about this incredible lift."

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    Great article, thank you!

    Slowly, I'm getting the hang of the different pressing styles - in theory. It was pretty confusing at first. Now I need to practice.
    Also thanks for linking Bill Starr's article, that was also interesting and helpful.

    Plus I learned a new word, "fugly". I'll make sure to incorporate it into my trash talking (which needs less practice than my press...).

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    I'm always happy when a press article comes out. I love watching the press sections of a USSF meet, especially with how different everyone's press looks. The variation is super cool to watch.
    Carl's press looks effin cool too. From the front, I can't even see his head during the beginning of the 2nd layback.

    Somewhat predictably, Iíve found that the stronger I am, the fewer negative comments I receive.
    Too true. Funny how people become a lot quieter when they see their squat 1RM being tossed overhead.

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