Feeling beat up, tired and losing motivation Feeling beat up, tired and losing motivation

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Thread: Feeling beat up, tired and losing motivation

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    Default Feeling beat up, tired and losing motivation

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    I have been training consistently for last 7 months. I was on a hypertrophy program when I started training. Did that for 3-4 months. Didnt see much results so I switched to a strength based program. Stronglift 5x5. That Ive been doing for 2 months now.

    I started out at 76 kg and I am 81 kg heavy now

    I feel like I dont get any results. I dont see much difference in apparence other than my lifts are getting a bit better. I struggled at 60 kg squat before and today I finished 90 kg squat 5x5 after a lot of stalling at 85.

    My bench is at 70 kg 5x5, deadlift 105 kg 5x5 and OP 42.5 5x5.

    I feel real weak coming into the gym after 7 months with these results. I am extremely tired after doing so much compound exercises. When I get home after work I crash on the couch. I am feeling very deflated.

    Is it wise to change program away from total body or something? I have NO energy what so ever.

    Anyone else dealing with this doing TB?

    I dont want to be a quitter giving up now but oh man all them squats are killing me

    Any tips?

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    Sure. Stop doing 5x5 as a novice.

    Start here: Getting Started Summary and follow that up with more reading on this site, Starting Strength and Practical Programming.

    Save 5x5 for after you're an intermediate and have built up strength, work capacity, and a training history that gives you enough information to better understand what you can tolerate as a lifter. You'll note that in Five ways to 5x5 there are different approaches that allow tailoring the stress so you don't get buried.

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    I did 5x5 first as a novice (stronglifts is way easy to find online) and made shit progression. 3x5 as detailed in Starting strength has taken my progress so far beyond 5x5 itís untrue. Listen to the above and have confidence in their advice


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