music-based biofeedback system for Deadlift music-based biofeedback system for Deadlift

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Thread: music-based biofeedback system for Deadlift

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    Default music-based biofeedback system for Deadlift

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    The sonic instructor: A music-based biofeedback system for improving weightlifting technique

    Music helps weightlifters exercise safely - News - ABC Classic

    Err, I dunno. Whatever. You guys seen this? A bit of fun, I'm not mad about it. They have put some work and thought into this it just seems like this is the intellectual equivalent of experimentally dipping pennies in Coca Cola.

    If you are doing a heavy deadlift it's either setup correctly or it's not and if it drifts in the middle of the movement you sure as hell are going to know about it well before a musical cue plays in your ear. Quantifying the effectiveness of deadlift coaching by measuring degrees of spine bending in crossfitters midlift makes me nauseous.

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    Haha. That grad student had to get his Ph.D somehow.

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    Hmmm. That study tempts me to ask Coach Rip if he thinks that wearing headphones while working the program and listening to "The Sugar Plum Fairy" will help my deadlift...
    ...or maybe, no--I won't ask him that!


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