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    "[G]roup coaching or private one-on-one coaching. So, which one is better? The answer is: yes. They’re both better. Getting coaching from a Starting Strength Coach is potentially the best thing you could do for your training, regardless of the format. That said, there are some considerations to take into account based on your preferences.*"

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    I discovered Starting Strength almost a year ago and am very fortunate to live in Dallas and to train at Starting Strength Dallas. I began there when the gym opened in July.

    My experience participating in a Starting Strength group class has been wonderful. Despite being just one member of a six person (or more) class, I have never felt overlooked or ever felt I received anything less than 100% coaching attention on my lifts.

    The coaches and assistant coaches rotate among class members during class. The coaches/assistant coaches are always available to observe, critique, and cue for last warm up sets and for all work sets.

    This is possible because every class member has his or her own sets and his or her own pace. While one class member is resting between work sets, another is ready to start a set. It all works out very well.

    The overall class format is also flexible enough so coaches are able to dedicate the necessary time for new members who are learning lifts as well as to members who might require additional form instruction.

    Finally, the physical layout of the Startong Strength gym is well designed for the group class format. There is plenty of space for everyone. Coaches have easy access to move between platforms and have unencumbered sightlines to observe students.

    All in all, my experience with Starting Strength group coaching has been outstanding.

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    I feel that the small-group camaraderie cannot be emphasized enough. The people who work out in my time slot are my tribe--there's very little chance we would intersect in any other sphere, but in the gym we are all working the same program. It promotes a sense of safety and belonging, especially for those of us who are just learning the lifts ("my tribe has got my back"), that's deeply different than the usual gym experience. I never have to worry about needing to ask a stranger to spot my bench, or having some rando come up and offer me unsolicited advice or try to sell me some MLM garbage.

    I was talking to a woman yesterday who was interested in SS Austin and she asked, "Do you have problems with people leaving their heavy plates on the bar, or doing yoga in front of the power rack?" I laughed and said "Noooo, no 'gym fuckery' at our gym!" Joyce would skin anyone who tried that.


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