I think what's holding back a lot of my lifts is just anthropometry and leverages. My long limbs are not just normal limbs stretched out. It's more like the middle part of each limb segment was pulled a little longer, but not the ends. A lot of muscles have connections that are not far enough along the bones for optimal leverage as a result. Most if not all of my lifts are probably just not going to be as high as others' as a result. I've tried to gauge numbers other people went intermediate or added advanced novice bits to their programming at, but I think because of this I just have to introduce them sooner. I probably could've benefited from the light day squats somewhere in the early 200s and maybe my form wouldn't have crept out of whack, and my bench and press are definitely not gonna steadily LP anymore. Deadlift doesn't seem quite as affected, probably because longer limbs don't contribute to longer moment arms in the movement.