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    I saw an older thread on this topic, but I wasn't sure what the board's policies were on necroposts, and I wanted to see if the recommendations had changed any in the intervening years.

    After about six weeks of sore throats, a blood test successfully confirmed mononucleosis. I say "successfully" because a test at a minute clinic back in September indicated nothing. After the false negative, I continued to lift normally until I received the new test results from my GP this morning.

    The earlier thread I checked suggested waiting about two to six weeks for any potential spleen enlargement to subside. Given that I've been symptomatic for six weeks and continued working out the whole time, should I take a few weeks off just to be careful, or am I likely in the clear at this point?

    I'm 35 and am otherwise healthy.

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    It might be worth a shot at an acyclovir prescription. Can't hurt to try it.


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