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    Default Shit Doctors Say | Starting Strength Radio # 28

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    Mark Rippetoe presents silly advice from doctors passed on by Starting Strength Radio fans.

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    "You'll probably never get much above 200 pounds" "You need to lift weights every day of the week, that's what the New York Yankees do"

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    Love the long format talks. They really give perspective.

    Piling on... After knee surgery I was told "don't move until we tell you".
    My next input four days later was "why haven't you been going to rehab?"
    Needless to say "rehab" had not been going well, or at all.
    Yet, it was clearly my fault.

    It was my fault for not knowing any better.
    Who has to live with the result?
    That same person "owns" the problem.

    This was in the 70s and in the military... I was much younger, and dumber.

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    I posted this sometime back on another board. But when joining the army about 30 odd years ago, I was too skinny ie during the medical eval, I passed everything except my weight was too light for the ranges they required. The doctor told me if I couldn't put on 10lb in 8 weeks before boot camp then I wouldn't be allowed to join. I probably weighed something like 140lb at 5'10. I asked him best way to put on weight in that timeframe as I'd always had troubles keeping weight on. He said to drink a 6-pack of beer every night. I drank a lot of beer. I was not in good shape when boot camp started. GOMAD would have been far better advice.

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    Thanks for this! Years ago after knee surgery nurse said keep playing basketball and you will be back here for knee replacement surgery in six months. So I stopped, I got weaker and weaker. Then decided I better do something. I wore a knee brace and started playing again. Then I started doing leg presses. When I could press 1,000 lbs I decided I didn't need a lousy knee brace any more. That was probably more than ten years ago. I was still playing until April 23rd, when things went haywire. Planning a comeback now! I could never go left before anyway!


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