primary care doctor in Austin, TX? primary care doctor in Austin, TX?

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Thread: primary care doctor in Austin, TX?

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    Default primary care doctor in Austin, TX?

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    Does anyone have a recommendation for a primary care doctor in Austin, TX? If not, does anyone have any general advice for how to go about selecting a primary care doctor? If it matters, I have a family history of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, but I'm really just hoping to find someone competent. I currently feel like I'm shooting in the dark. Thanks!

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    Dr David Joseph: Austin Diagnostic Clinic (located across from North Austin Medical Center. (512) 901-4026.

    He has been my primary care physician for some 33 years. He is personable, thorough, and friendly and he gives a damn.

    9 years ago, I moved 200 miles away from Austin—but I still go back at least twice a year—travel, gas, hotels, and all. The best!


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    A doc associated with St. David’s would be your best bet in Austin.

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    I use Dr. Carson Higgs. He's at one of the ARC locations up in north Austin and he's a great guy. I'm about to go see him for my yearly.

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    Austin, TX


    Cannot recommend my internist enough--Lee Frierson-Stroud. She is located on Anderson Road (just a mile or two from SS Austin), and is thorough and will take as much time as you need to discuss your health.

    One of the metrics I use to judge doctors is their office staff. High turnover = not good. Dr. F-S's office manager, Laura, has been with her FOREVER. Laura can pull together orders for three different labs and seven pages of paperwork while you're fumbling around in your wallet for your insurance card.



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