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    I’m 6ft 200lbs 33 yrs old. I started lifting at a young age but I didn’t start lifting properly until high school. We had a strength/powerlifting coach. I was strong for my age and it took me pretty far in sports. I was 205 lbs in high school. After high school I stopped playing sports and stopped lifting all together. I got fat and developed multiple health problems. By 25 I ballooned up to 265lbs. On my 30th birthday I started lifting again and dieted. I avoided the major barbell lifts because of back, hip, and knee problems. However, I still perform compound lifts but mostly used plate loaded machines or dumbbells. For the past three years I have done some variation of push, pull, legs 3-5 days a week, progressive overload, high volume bodybuilding style. Three sets of 8-10 reps starting with a compound movement then lots of accessories. I have made significant muscle and strength gains. I have bulked to 215lbs and cut to 190lbs twice. I am currently around 200lbs. My question is would someone like me benefit from starting strength? In other words, are there untapped gains in starting strength or will I reach the same strength levels eventually doing something else? Even if it’s not optimal. Also, should I approach the program differently because I am trained and not a true beginner? I don’t know what my big three numbers are but to give you an idea of my strength level, yesterday I seated overhead pressed 80lb dumbbells for three sets of 8 with 2 minute breaks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brainstrain View Post
    My question is would someone like me benefit from starting strength?
    It's a fair description of what you did/are doing.

    But how strong are you in terms of plate loaded barbells?

    How much stronger do you want to be or think you need to be?

    Is being stronger more important to you than what it appears you describe as the bodybuilding routines you have been doing? Because your bulking and cutting cycles seem to appear have more than average significance to you.

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    SS should help you get much stronger in a relatively short amount of time. I recently convinced one of my friends to start LP (linear progression). He is 43 and has been messing around in the gym his whole life. He started about 2 months ago. Packed on about 15 pounds of muscle and has increased his big 3 lifts around 75lbs on each in that time.

    I don't always agree with Mark but SS is a great program for lots of people.


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