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    Default Ultralearning With Scott Young | Starting Strength Radio #40

    • wichita falls texas june seminar date
    • woodmere new york july seminar date
    • las vegas nevada august seminar
    Scott Young, author of Ultralearning, and Mark Rippetoe discuss apprenticeships and self-teaching and how strength coaches benefit from this approach as part of the Starting Strength Coach Development process.

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    Funny story:
    I had a math exam a few days ago and it was not so great. One of the subjects i had in the exam was sequences. I really didn't undetstood what the hell the question wanted from me.
    BUT, the way i learned the subject was also wrong. Because of limitation of time, I decided, instead of sitting and doing the subject's practice question by myself , to copy the answers from the final answer pages (the full answers with the way the teacher solved the questions).
    I failed the exam and now i am preparing for the next one in about few month.
    I learned an important lesson(and one i think that Scott mentions in his book):Not just let the information and and all the stuff i learning just to soak in to the head, but also use it by practicing again and again in different ways, for example: solving math problems.
    By the way, this was one of the most internsting episodes you made.
    I also bought the book and i belive i will learn something from it


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