Starting Strength for an 11 y.o.? Starting Strength for an 11 y.o.?

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Thread: Starting Strength for an 11 y.o.?

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    Default Starting Strength for an 11 y.o.?

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    I'm thinking to take my son with my to gym and I've read that muscles can really grow only after adolescence has begun.
    I know the begin is different of every boy and personally I would say 12 would be already ok (me myself started I think in 13) but my son is only 11 now. So generally I wanted to hear more opinions on that topic.


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    I’ve come to the point in my weight training life that when I have a question about a thing I just search Al Gore’s amazing internet for “Rippetoe (insert question about thing)” and I’m taken to an article where I promptly decide that Rippetoe is an amazing American National resource .

    I have my 11-yr old on SS two days a week 1) so he can learn how to do the lifts correctly and not from “experts” at gym and 2) it has to be better than the silly bullshit they have him doing for baseball conditioning . Bosu balls, cable crossovers, and weighted bats in the off season.


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