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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Rippetoe View Post
    I'd be interested in the arthritic conditions of your shoulders. Do you have osteoarthritis? Might be important to know how hard you can push without poking a hole in something.
    If this is the case, is the standard procedure to go with safety bar squats and is there any effective way to replicate a low bar back angle with the safety bar? I need to read sully’s book.

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    If he can high-bar, new equipment isn't necessary.

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    Arthritis in my shoulders? Its' been there for several years. Rip, this is the target audience of your recent "older lifters' podcast! Love those things, keep it up.
    I bought and read Sully's book and 3 of Rips. What could be better than to go the grave with pain related to a lifters lifestyle, in another 25 +/- a few years?
    At the beginning of the year I moved from a 3 day per week to 2 as suggested in Sully's book for guys this age, and plan to deadlift and squat tonight. Today, the pain is minimal and not so tight. I have no intention of using a modified bar. My low bar squat bar position is not bad. I'll send a video someday.
    If the pain and tightness doesn't improve I'll call my orthopedic and get his opinion. He's a good one, the last thing he wants to do is cut. Last ortho visit was 2016 as a follow up to a 2014 right knee lateral meniscus tear. He looked at the shoulder and told me to be careful. A couple Aleve's before starting tonight might be a good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treg View Post
    Should probably make sure anyone who reads this is aware of the risk of liver damage if they take too much acetaminophen – for instance, by combining it with a liquid cold medicine that also contains acetaminophen.
    Sure. And if you read the article, you will have noted the emphasis on maximum dosing.

    I will daresay I know more about how ugly an acetaminophen overdose can be than anybody on this board. (Ugly. Really, really ugly.)

    Most cases, however, are from intentional overdose, accidental overdose by children, and the abuse of opiate-acetaminophen compounds like Vicodin. Accidental overdoses outside these parameters in adults are, in my experience, uncommon, and both the dosing recommendations and serum-level recommendations (the "nomogram") for instituting therapy are all very conservative. Toxicity would be even more uncommon if we didn't sell ES Tyl in industrial-size jugs. But that's not my call.

    Most APAP-containing OTC meds now have "Contains Acetaminophen" warnings, but of course that's not going to protect the free-range Homo Stupidicus who walk among us either. So, if somebody is the kind of person who just pops meds without knowing what they do, or what's in them, or without reading the package insert...yeah. But even then, something else (a deep-fried frozen turkey, mouthing off to the wrong six guys, operating a chainsaw under the influence, random acts of hey-dude-watch-this) is probably going to get that guy before the APAP, because he is, after all, a walking Darwin award. This explains why, in 25 years of medical practice, I cared for patients with an almost infinite variety of self-inflicted fuckery, but APAP poisoning wasn't even in the top 40. I saw far, FAR more deaths from alcohol than all other substances combined.

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