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    Just to touch on a topic mentioned in the podcast about the vulnerable population, the statistics here in Maricopa County, Arizona (which encompasses the greater Phoenix area) are just stunning.

    Data here: Maricopa County Health Department and Maricopa County Daily Covid-19 Summary

    65+ years old: 22% of cases, 89% of deaths
    Chronic medical condition: 25% of cases, 66% of deaths
    High risk (65+ OR 1+ chronic medical condition): 37% of cases, 95% of deaths.
    20-44 years old: 40% of cases, 2% of deaths

    Yes, that's 95% of the deaths in the High Risk category. No one under 19 has died. Out of the 343 deaths reported so far, 247 (72%) were residents of long term care facilities.

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    "For whatever it's worth." I know, right? Why rely on scientific fact when conspiracy theories are so much fun!

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    If at all possible, learn to quote what you're blathering on about.

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    Given that my wife is a doctor, I can say that the hospitals were not busy. She was stranding around with nothing to do. Huge swaths of people were not clogging up any hospital.

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