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Thank you Robert. I will increase my carbohydrates as you suggest. As I said before it's been a challenge to get in much above 200g. Do you have any recommendations for good carb sources I can use to hit that goal? A couple cups of white rice maybe.
Since Friday I had been getting to 300g of protein with the help of protein supplements. Maybe I could get a meal replacement supplement with higher carbs? Maybe have something you recommend in your nutrition section, I'll go check

I'll throw on sweats next time I deadlift and be sure to get my hips up. Those are things I can fix. To be honest I was worried if my hips had been too high (I had been told this in the past), so I am glad to hear they are not because I am quite certain that my hips coming up in the lift will be less of an issue if not a non-issue if my back is set at the start with my hips a little higher. Actually pretty excited to try that the next time I train the deadlift! Thank you very much for the advice!

You are welcome. The easiest sources are rice, potatoes, pasta, fruits, cereals and then adding dextrose to your post-workout protein shake. Post up your next deadlift, you have been leaving weight on the bar.

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I think I misunderstood your earlier posts and now I'm a little confused...are you trying to gain more weight or not gain more weight at this point? I don't ask because I have anything to offer, I ask because it puts Roberts answers into context for me. Thanks.
He gained weight and stopped adding weight to the bar. He was getting calories but undereating carbohydrates. I suspect this will sort itself out if he follows my instructions.