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    Rowing for Lifters with SSC Cassi Niemann, a UCanRow2 Master Rowing Instructor with Concept2, Inc.. Cassi has over 20 years of rowing experience and works as a Starting Strength Coach and Indoor Rowing Coach online and in person in Richmond, Virginia at Richmond Balance. She also created a downloadable program for rowing called RowReady where you will find drills, tips, cues and a "linear progression" of 24 rowing workouts.

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    Rowing on a Concept2 was the most enjoyable part of when I used to go to a CrossFit gym. I now own a rower but I'm not quite sure how to program it into my LP. I'd be interested to see rowing programming (sprints, intervals, long and slow, etc..) that would enhance getting stronger but not lead to over-training.

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    I am very interested in doing some purposeful conditioning using my C2--this quarantine has my body comp going int he wrong direction!

    I have a C2 rower, but it has an older version monitor. Can I still use it with your program?

    I am 62-yr-old female intermediate lifter and coaching intern using the Starting Strength model.

    Thanks for this video!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomercer View Post
    I have a C2 rower, but it has an older version monitor.
    I have one that I bought over 20 years ago. Concept II supports their products like nobody else. I retrofitted the latest monitor and also replaced the wooden handle. That said, the original monitor would have served perfectly well for intervals, long slow distance or whatever.

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    Can anyone distill this video? I prefer the written word to long videos.

    I have a C2 rower and start every workout with a 500M row warm up which I normally complete in under 2 minutes. Gets me good and warm! I've tried rowing longer distances but just find it too monotonous and boring.

    Perhaps sprint intervals might be something to look into on my off days. I occasionally do running sprints when I go for a walk on my country road. I sprint between two power poles then walk to the next, then sprint and so on. Maybe 100M on the rower (10 pulls for me) then rest 15-20 seconds and repeat?

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    starting strength coach development program
    Thank you for doing this video. I've felt for a while like my understanding of the row is deficient. I would love to see a rowing for lifters LP.


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