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    Iím in the final recovery phase of having my right ankle fused. Typical fusion; marrow transplant to induce bone growth with steel plate and lotsa screws. Major joint locked at 90 deg. I should get the docís release for ďnormalĒ activities mid-August. Iím looking at starting the NLP.

    Understanding my range of motion (rom) will be decreased, Iím looking at purchasing a pair of lifting shoes. Are there any thoughts on determining an optimum heel lift height?
    Get a 5/8Ē-3/4Ē heel and go with whatever rom I get? Sequentially add wedges to find optimum height to get required rom? Something else? What is the usual limit on max heel height before you start falling forward too much?

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    How far your knee needs to travel forward will depend on your body proportions and the type of squat you are doing. If you are low-bar squatting you won't need as much forward knee travel (as a high bar squat). I would try and successively add some wood pieces and experiment on your own to figure out the right height before you go and buy a shoe.
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