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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
    yeah, you said "dial".
    A dial is usually a round indicator with a needle-pointer, associated with a cheap radial-spring scale.
    But what a miracle that your 1 kilo bag of rice is accurate out 3 decimals...that it wouldn't be 1.002 or something. Wow.
    Christ almighty. Unpucker your anus, man.

    Yeah, i said 'dial', i was careless in my word selection. I'll bend over now and you can apply the cane.

    And who in the hell buys a 1 kilo bag of rice?
    Guys who regularly eat rice, obviously.

    Good luck with your PR'ing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Schexnayder View Post
    For those of us with home gyms using the same plates each day, does this discrepancy actually matter? If you use the same plate loading scheme during an LP, for instance, eventually these deviations will average out in the accumulated adaptation right?
    I suppose, if one uses the same plates day in, day out, in reality it doesn't matter, as far as linear progression is concerned. But i think it makes sense to know exactly what weight you're lifting, especially for those of us who've been using paper training diaries. And besides, i'd say having 104.2kg loaded when the plates say it should be 100kg is a large enough discrepancy to be worthy of noting.

    I've been using these discs for almost 2 years now, and i've only just noticed this difference in stated plate weight, so this means all the weights listed in my training diaries going back that amount of time are wrong. [however, since it means the weights were heavier than i originally assumed, it's no bad thing] And, the 1.25kg and 2.5kg plates are fine - it's just the larger ones that are wrong, so i can still make accurate 2.5kg/5lb increases.

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    Consistency is important, especially with microloaded lifts like press and bench. By that I mean, if you have multiple pairs of 45s, make sure you're using the same ones for the pressing movements. I have a rag-tag collection of plates that I've acquired via craiglist/fb marketplace over the last few months. Finally borrowed a parcel scale from work and weighed all of them. Two of the old school 45s are dead on at 45, two are around 44 3/4, but the two Fitness Gear plates are dead on at 46. That's worth knowing when I'm increasing my press and bench by 2lbs. I have three pairs of 25s too and two pairs are in the 25 1/4 range but one pair is 26 1/2. Fortunately each pair is pretty close to each other. All are marked now and I can load my presses accordingly.

    Speaking of fitness gear, the 45s are under 15 1/2" in diameter, so buyer beware, as they are semi-available at retail now as well as the secondary market.

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