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Thread: Home Gym help. Dumbbells?

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    Good afternoon guys,

    I hope all is well with you and your family. I'm 21 years old male that started training this year and I'm a big fan of Mark Rippetoe. Since my gym closed down in NY, I want to invest in my own home gym. So far I got the esstenials such as:

    -Bolted rack, cambered pull up bar
    -Texas barbell
    -4 mats 3/4 thick 4x6
    -Flat and adjustable bench
    -Inzer Belt
    -Garage Space

    Iím looking to get dumbbells from 15-100lbs, in your personal opinion what brand do you recommend of using? If so how many weight sets you recommend of getting? I have a tight budget because I'm also considering of getting a reverse hyper. hyperextension machine, log, swiss bar, safety squat bar in the future. I was thinking about getting troy sold iron hex but people said that the weights aren't accurate that it could be a couple pounds lighter. I wanna get my moneys worth. Thank you so much for your thoughts and opinions.

    Ahmed Mayan

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    Dumbbells are not a part of the SS method, and are not essential to your gym. There, just saved you a whole bunch of money.

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    I would suggest waiting for the price to go down after the Covid price hike. Until then stick to the barbell. Once prices and supply are "normal" again you have three options: individual dumbbells, standard spin collar dumbbells, or Olympic dumbbell handles. Olympic handles are weird since they are not solid like a dumbbell and instead rotate like a barbell. I believe the spin collar dumbbells meant for standard plates feel solid like normal dumbbells so they are likely the best bang for the buck. Plus you can get standard fractional plates to have dumbbells in any increment.


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