Older Novice Looking Forward to SS Journey!! Older Novice Looking Forward to SS Journey!!

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Thread: Older Novice Looking Forward to SS Journey!!

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    Default Older Novice Looking Forward to SS Journey!!

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    Hello Coach,

    I just wanted to get some advice on a few things. I am beginning SS this weekend and was curious about running the program until its needed to switch things up. I am a 54 yr old male, weighing 238lbs and no ailments or injuries to prevent me from performing all the movements. I actually feel great when I lift and been blessed to have no in juries. I have done some strength training in the past and I feel I can definitely increase my 1rm and 5rm on all the lifts.
    Squat 245
    Bench 245
    Press 155
    Deadlift 285

    I really want to improve my strength and tighten up the body. I understand diet is key and need to pay more attention to it.
    Also should I do any prowler type exercises after a workout or on a different days. Would you recommend anything on of days? Should rest days just be for rest.

    Obviously not being 25 I realize I will stall quicker than a younger guy but when is it time to move on to one of your other programs. Looking forward to SS and all it has to offer. Also love to attend a class in the NY area someday. Need a SS in NNJ. lol

    Sorry for all the questions as I am sure you have heard them all and answered them numerous times.

    Any advice on how to attack this would be greatly appreciated.



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