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Thread: Looking for input on a remedial measure

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    Default Looking for input on a remedial measure

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    I've been redoing LP again in my basement for the past 4 weeks (log here for anyone interested). Based on mounting issues that I feel have been building up, and a REALLY bad session today at the start of week 5, I feel I may need to take a step back. I started rotating my deadlifts with power cleans last week, but haven't done light squat day in the middle yet. Looking back, I probably should've instituted both in week 3 to be on the safe side. Squats have been feeling close to limit weight since week 3, as have deadlifts. I'm thinking of going ahead with the "impatience/greed" procedure in the gray book to get things going again. Does this sound like the kind of situation where it's called for?

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    It sounds like something went awry to be that run down in week three. Where do you stand on: The First Three Questions | Mark Rippetoe
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