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    Hi, I'm 40 years old and 5'8" (current weight 180#) I've been doing the lifts of the basic NLP for about 6 months - Squat, press/bench press, and dead lift. Staring weights were - squat 120# 3x5, press 90# 3x5, bench press 115# 3x5, and dead lift 185# 1x5. Starting weight was 145#. Current numbers body weight 180# squat 215# 3x5, press 118# 3x5, bench 180# 3x5, and dead lift 307# 1x5. I think my squat is lagging because it took me a while to really nail the technique also I had insisted on squating "ass to grass" as low as I could possibly get which stalled progress around 165#. Once I was OK with just breaking parallel my weight started going up steadily. Also progress lagged because for about the first 4 months I never really increased my caloric intake. I had spent the past two years running and losing weight so It was tough trying to eat more. I'm now aiming for about 2500 to 3000 net calories per day which has helped progress noticeably. I have not started power clean yet because I seem to still be making steady progress on the dead lift and I hate the power clean it's hard to learn. Luckily I have my own equipment at home so the covid has not affected my workouts. At this point I plan on continuing on the NLP to see how far I can take it. I know I will have to add the power clean at some point so I will.

    My question is for my age and weight what are realistic numbers to expect for my lifts. I'm thinking like a squat of about 350, press - 180 bench 250 and dead lift at 400. I would be extremely happy with these numbers if I could achieve them. Just let me know if you see any major flaws in my logic. I'm also expecting this whole process to take at least another year since I'm 40 and progress isn't always quick and easy. My back has never felt better and I'm shocked each time I get a new dead lift PR that I have not injured myself.

    I love your book, podcast(youtube), and website. Keep the new material coming. I would love to see a SS gym open in Michigan.

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    I think those goals are definitely attainable. I started NLP at age 42, weight around 190 and 5'9", and hit very closr to those numbers after training for a year (although with the exception of the press I started a little higher than you did). I should point out that I switched to intermediate programming for the upper body after about 6 months and for lower around 8 months in.

    I would recommend getting Practical Programming very soon and reading the whole thing carefully because NLP won't last forever. You should be able to make progress for quite a while if you can iron out an intermediate program when the time comes. Hiring a coach for a programming consult would be a wise investment and will save you some frustration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt James View Post
    I would recommend getting Practical Programming very soon and reading the whole thing carefully because NLP won't last forever.
    I could not agree more. The Blue Book gives you the blueprint for your NLP, but the Grey Book (Practical Programming) will carry you throughout your entire training career. At your current age I also recommend this: The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40 – The Aasgaard Company.

    I am still a couple decades away from being a masters athlete, but the concepts that I learned in the Barbell Prescription are timeless and made me a better coach and lifter.


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