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    Default Questions about conditioning.

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    Before going any further, I have to ask the basic question, does conditioning work actually help you require less rest between work sets? My squats have gotten to the point very quickly where they are demanding more than 5 minutes between for rest. I looked around for information on conditioning and it seemed like conditioning work is used by lifters with reducing these rest needs in mind.

    I decided to try some light conditioning work this week, (HIIT, but not a lot of intervals, and all the "off" parts were actually spent just sitting on a bench) and I am feeling like maybe it fucked with my strength work. It's the only thing I've got to explain the shitty performance today, particularly on my power cleans. Is it best to forego any conditioning for the entirety of novice training? That's where I'm leaning now, but I wanted to get some opinions from more experienced and knowledgeable individuals.

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    I have yet to encounter a situation where a novice doing their LP needed to cycle in conditioning. It is perfectly normal to need 5 min of rest between sets. The novice LP is supposed to be HARD and adding conditioning to that can certainly mess things up. So, just let it run its course.
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    Yeah, I had a feeling it was the cause of the issue. I can't point to any other possible culprits. I was just trying to find a way to cut my rest needs down.


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