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    Default Exercise for Parkinson's Disease

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    Dr. Giselle Petzinger on Exercise for Parkinson's Disease - YouTube

    I wonder what some of the more expert coaches and lifters in the forum think about this interview, since I've seen on the youtube channel that SS works with Parkinson's patients as well.
    From what I can tell the main topic is how high intensity aerobic exercise that also involves cognitive learning (they take as an example yoga or tai-chi, cycling, surfing, swimming but I haven't heard them talk about strength training) can improve the patient's condition, slow down or delay the symptoms.

    What do you guys think about it?

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    And as you noted SSCs work with Parkinson's patients because they see the benefits (regardless of where the literature is at on the matter). That being said, studies on resistance training and Parkinson's vary a lot in their study designs, but do show improvements in posture, motor control, mental heath, etc.
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    To my knowledge, there is no evidence that training alters the course of the disease or the underlying pathology. But there is a ton of evidence that training improves and maintains function, and that is safe and practical for most patients.


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