What Successes Have You Had In Converting People? What Successes Have You Had In Converting People?

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Thread: What Successes Have You Had In Converting People?

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    Default What Successes Have You Had In Converting People?

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    We see a lot of posts about trying to convert people, other coaches, etc. and the difficulty it entails.

    I was wondering if some people could post about their successes in getting people to follow the program, especially getting other coaches to listen about how to coach athletes to lift weights.


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    By showing the progress that I made myself over time on social medial, and then showcasing the progress of people I trained, it definitely generated a lot of buzz and got more people and coaches in my circle to give the program a go. I think it comes down to first knowing what your circle of influence is. Do you use social media, have a website, etc.? That is one approach. There are also great SS videos of success stories that you can share with people.
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    Some people have a thick build and can never be skinny (big bones exist!). I'm the opposite, but I had a bigger-frame friend who I thought could benefit from Starting Strength. I hadn't seen him in a while, and when I did, it was too late to tell him about Starting Strength, because he had already done a novice linear progression! Seeing how great he looked and hearing how much he'd accomplished was inspiring--so you could say he converted me to get more serious.

    It's a huge boost, if you can demonstrate results that are clear just from looking at your own progress and the progress of people you coach.

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    I’ve had several requests to show them the lifts. I’ve even had a couple to my gym, but they didn’t stick it out. These days, I thank people who give me compliments on my physique, but if I’m asked how I managed to get such a change, I tell them it’s beer and crisps. I’m no longer interested in trying to convert anyone unless they are prepared to pay me upfront-such a request usually gets a slightly embarrassed laugh. I don’t care one way or another.

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    By verbally proselytizing? Not at all.

    At my age (70) just showing up to deadlift more than most of the undergrads in the SIU Rec Center draws it's own set of questioners among the gym bros. So I answer them.

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    Better to present it as an option they can take and let them take it or leave it. My mom had been working out with my dad on one of those slidey total gym type machines, I told her I could totally get her way stronger with the old barbell stuff in the basement. She gave it a try, and she got stronger. Not gonna bother trying with my dad, unless he approaches me. He really believes in that slideymajig.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Near zero, the few that showed interest, wouldn't do the program, abs and biceps being more important. The rest of the time, if my age (60) and strength come up in conversation, appear to believe that the program I do and the strength I exhibit have no relationship.


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