The Basic Barbell Movements and the arms The Basic Barbell Movements and the arms

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Thread: The Basic Barbell Movements and the arms

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    Default The Basic Barbell Movements and the arms

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    Dear Mr. Rippetoe,

    As I read in your Book "Starting Strength", we train the 4 Basic Barbell Movements, because they allow us to use as much weight as possible, working as much muscle mass as possible, over the longest, effective Range of Motion. This is the best way to make our whole body stronger.
    For my understanding, if i get stronger in the Squat, the Press, the Bench Press and the Deadlift, every muscle working in those exercises got stronger to.

    Coming to my question:
    1. Which role do arms play in those main Lifts like the squat, the press / bench press? (maybe stabilization?)
    What i understand is, that the triceps works very hard in the press and the bench press. But does the biceps also play a role in one of those lifts?
    As i got heavier on my bench press, i noticed, that my biceps was a little sour, the day after. Is this normal? Or am i just to stupid to bench correctly?

    2. Question: What about the Deadlift?
    Does Deadlifting work my bicep?
    Or in other words, if i get my Deadlift from 200 lbs to 450 lbs, does my biceps get stronger to, without doing assistance exercises like chin ups?


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    1. The arms hold the bar in place. The heavier they get, the harder the bar is to hold. Therefore, the arms have to get stronger.

    2. The elbow flexors stabilize the joint isometrically during the pull. As the weight goes from 200 to 450, the arms have to work harder, therefore etc.

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    an as my bicep is part of my arm, i think that he gets stronger to.

    Thank you sir... :-)


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