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    "​Evolutionarily speaking, I suppose you're a successful homo sapiens if you've successfully created successful offspring (or have the luxury to choose otherwise). How much time did our ancestors require in order to accomplish such a task?"

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    This was, for me, a very thought provoking article. Obviously the medical community, decades ago, was obsessed with the pursuit of stopping death, and sanitation, vaccines antibiotics and, in the correct patient cohort, ace inhibitors statins stents and anticoagulation have admirably contributed towards this. But diminishing returns affect any system, and years of disabled low quality life are endemic in the population. I admire hugely Rip and Dr Sullivan’s work in the field of adding quality to years through careful manipulation of the stress/recovery cycle using barbell training to build strength, and I will fight like mad to be able to do all the things I enjoy until the end....


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