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    My wife is 70 and is in her 6th year of SS. Over the years her training has had gaps lasting from a few weeks to a few months due That said, she is most definitely stronger now than she would have been otherwise.

    Her recent DEXA scoring, compared to 2018, revealed, roughly, a 9% increase in her spine, and an 8% decrease in her femur neck.

    Makes no sense to me.

    I'm sure asking her doc to explain this disparity would be a waste of time.

    Anyone experienced this, or have any thoughts?


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    Were the scans performed at the same place, using the same machine, at the same time, by the same technician?
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    We will call her doc and the doc who read the scan and ask for interpretation. I'm not expecting much, tho'.

    Thanks for stoppin' by.


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