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Thread: Which Bench? | Mark Rippetoe

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    Default Which Bench? | Mark Rippetoe

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    In some gyms you have a decent selection of equipment. Keeping in mind that the bench press is the only major exercise that can actually kill you, there are two ways to set up your bench press station, and both are viable depending on the circumstances.

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    In my home gym I always bench in the rack with the safety bars properly set just below sternum height and just above head height. At the local gym I occassionally frequent they have fancy competition benches with built in spotter arms but for some reason I'm the only one that ever uses them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan DCNT View Post
    At the local gym I occassionally frequent...
    Occasionally frequent?

    Lol, sorry, that just struck me as funny! I'm pretty easily entertained, obviously. Carry on.

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