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    Hi I'm a 25 year old male at a weight of 130 kg (286 pounds) and a height of around 164cm.. I'm a fat fucker. I have just discovered this program and I'm really keen to get started. Just want to know if I can do this program while trying to lose weight ? I know you have to eat alot but if I try to cut down my eating and only eat clean will that be ok? If not what can I do to do this program while trying to lose fat ?

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    Do some more hunting around on the website to see how others have addressed this in the past.

    The short answer is:
    -Do the program exactly as it is written

    -Consume 200g+ of protein daily

    -Stop eating the way you had been that got you where you are now - avoid processed and high fat foods

    -Avoid thinking in terms of “weight” and start thinking in terms of body composition - you need to gain lean mass and lose fat (focus on the former, the latter will be a side effect of training hard and eating like an adult)

    -Hire a coach if you can afford one

    -Treat this like the fight of your life, don’t accept anything but continuous progress

    -Be patient - you didn’t get into this situation overnight and it will take you years to fully correct it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Gillenwater View Post

    The short answer is:...
    This answer needs to be pinned to the top of each of the forums.

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    Absolutely you can. Ray hit the rules right on the head. I'm a lot older than you but I'm 25lbs lighter than when I started LP but lifting a lot more. You won't have any GOMAD days because you already have had those. Keep your protein up above 200 but keep your overall calorie count lower than what you need. During this process you eating will be a bit boring, but the satisfaction will come with how you look!

    Look up some of Santana's teachings on the Nutrition forum. Get an accurate list of everything you east in a week. Then remove one of them. Wait a week or two see results. Then remove another, and continue to repeat until you find you are loosing weight.

    The important issue is to get started today. Do you fives now!


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