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Thread: Why do Crossfitters use High-Bar Squats?

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    To be fair kipping pull-ups are generally a competition only move. The kipping pull-ups that people refer to when poking fun at Crossfit is most likely the "butter-fly" kip that the elites utilize in the games, or the really "tough" Crossfitter at your local box attempts. There is a "regular" kipping pull-up that is utilized in the fashion that Farmer is referencing, but they are discouraged from teaching that movement until an "athlete" can perform 10 strict hang pull-ups. The discouragement is not strong enough to overcome the commercial appeal of teaching a grossly out of shape person the kipping maneuver so that feel accomplished and can tell their buddies that they are doing pull-ups now. Partially some of the reason I distanced myself from that culture, and partially why Rip is right about their methodology. The goal should be to build a base of strength first so that each pull-up is a sub-maximal representation of an athletes' (trainee) overall strength. I'm sure Starting Strength will face some of this as it grows - individual coaches that "done-know" better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchless View Post
    Does it just boil down to broad popularity? I suspect it does, and the magnitude of salaries is simply reflective of that. That puts NFL football at European soccer as top-tier; baseball, basketball, hockey, and American soccer as second tier. Crossfit is probably third tier, along with the most popular olympic sports not already identified.
    I think soccer is a bigger business globally than all the other sports combined, but as a sport it usually favors smaller guys who are fast as hell. The genetic make up seems very different than in football. CrossFit is probably among the new school things, like MMA, likely behind the Olympic sports.

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