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    Training hard is one thing, but recovery is everything! If youíre struggling to make linear progress on Starting Strength, you are most likely under-recovered Ė not over-trained. How can I be so certain? So dogmatic? Because Iíve been there.

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    Ah yes 8 hours sleep. One of the perks of life before parenthood.

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    Great post, I've been struggling to juggle my very amateur golf activities around my also amateur lifting activities.

    Currently 32 y/o, 6'4, 285# and squatting 350, deadlifting 395, pressing 168 and bench 225. Golf index is 16.1. I usually train Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and practice for golf either Tues/Thurs and play either Sat/Sun (walking 18). Trying to find the sweet spot between training and golfing as I love both and find the advantages of getting strong are helping the golf swing.

    I'm currently following Texas Method squat programming, shortened Texas Method upper body programming from Nick and alternating chins with deadlifts/power cleans. Are there any adaptions you have found positively influence lifting and golfing? Or do I just need to eat more and rest more?


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