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    Hey guys,
    In the article "Strength and Conditioning" Mark states that a solid strength base would be a 2 x BW Deadlift, 1.75 x BW Squat and 0.75 x BW Press, how would this standards apply to the bench and powerclean? Do you think that just by getting to those standards clean and bench numbers would be decent?

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    I find that when I am training it, clean is about 55% of my deadlift. Maybe it's higher for more talented and youthful folks. If you are young, once your form is in order I think your clean will be similarly correlated to your deadlift.

    Someone with a better relative bench can weigh in on that.

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    For the power clean as your strength goes up as long as you are doing cleans the cleans will go up as your strength goes up. The bench probably wouldnt go up much if you were only pressing but you should not be doing that anyways because you should also be benching(and chinning).


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