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    I recently picked up Marty Gallagherís purposeful primitive as it became widely available again. Iíve been following Marty a bit for the last couple years, mostly for the stories of old time lifters, but always heard him talk about having an upright torso while squatting. To be honest there are a few articles where it seems he is specifically degrading the technique taught in starting strength. One thing I noticed reading purposeful primitive Was Hugh Cassidys squatting technique; it is almost textbook what is taught in the blue book. I just thought Iíd share the power lifting legends technique similarities to what we have been taught. Hugh is a very interesting character and Iíd recommend anyone listen to Martyís interviews with rip on YouTube for some really interesting stories. Not sure how to post photos but hereís my attempt:

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    It's been clear for quite some time that people who disagree with our squat technique are often unaware of what their favorite lifters are actually doing. Look at Karwoski's double with 1000 and tell me what he does with his hips.


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