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Thread: Rack pulls, from j-cups

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    Default Rack pulls, from j-cups

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    I have a Rogue squat rack and am looking for a way to integrate rack pulls, without a power rack.

    The safeties cannot be set low enough to get the bar in a position ideal for the movement. However, the jcups have a lower profile and can.

    Fortunate happenstance or dipshit-pending-injury? Rack pulls would be between 500-600lbs initially. Cups are rated for 1000+ per Rogues website. Feels like a longshot but figured Id get some feedback prior to submitting an application to the Darwin awards.

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    This is a stupid idea. I know because I once had that stupid idea.
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    Pulling blocks made with 2 x 4's or 4 x4's with OSB plywood on top should get you what you need for block pulls instead. That's what I use.

    Pros: simple, cheap, never any concern about bending a bar

    Cons: not as simple to load/unload as rack pulls, small account of clutter when not in use

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    I've done that and you're right, it's not ideal. The problem, as you have probably guessed, is hitting the hooks when you lower the bar. There's very little room for error. I'd set up something for block pulls instead, as was already mentioned.


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