Conditioning: A Case For "Prowling" In Place, aka Pushing The Wall the HIIT Way Conditioning: A Case For "Prowling" In Place, aka Pushing The Wall the HIIT Way - Page 3

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Thread: Conditioning: A Case For "Prowling" In Place, aka Pushing The Wall the HIIT Way

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    I've tried the drill at 0:31 and seem to have a major muscle imbalance favouring my right side?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleischman View Post
    Rip, thank you for this reminder. I had already read it. I honestly did not find anything in SS about why deadlifting with squat stance was unacceptable, so I created a post to ask. I also did not find anything on isometrics for conditioning, so I started this thread in order to ask.
    There is also nothing in the book about squatting with a pair of pants tied around your head. Or deadlifting while you're driving your car. I guess I missed a few important things.

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    If you Google "Starting Strength Deadlift Stance", this is literally the first hit that comes up: Deadlift Stance | Mark Rippetoe

    It explains everything about why we take the stance we take. If you think about the wider stance you're proposing, you could infer the negative aspects of your proposal based on the positive explanation of the video.

    Regarding Rip's comment, you could infer why you shouldn't deadlift while driving a car or with pants tied around the head based on the positive explanations in the book and videos, and also just general logic and deduction.

    And when I say "positive" I don't mean desirable, I mean explained in the context of what should be done, not explained as what shouldn't be done.
    For example "don't rip the bar off the ground" would be a negative explanation. "Do squeeze the bar off the ground" would be a positive explanation.
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