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    Quote Originally Posted by Cfink View Post
    Exactly, and the guys saying “it has rules so it’s not a real fight” have probably never stepped on the mats in their life, or they would know there’s no chance you beat any guy who’s past a blue belt no matter the circumstances, weapons or your “strength” level. But bottom line as Rip says is it’s always better to be stronger. You should train ground fighting, you should shoot and you should lift. They aren’t mutually exclusive so the argument is dumb.
    The context of the article is that 'big and strong' is an independent variable in preparing for interpersonal violence - of the unregulated kind. To be done alongside fight training, not as a replacement for it. Seems pretty clear to me.

    That being said Gordon would get his arms pulled off by Thor IN DA STREETZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnsonville View Post
    He probably could take him down if he got behind him, which is what he’s good at in the standing position. Again watch any of the early UFC’s, or bob sapps 600lb nfl ass get submitted by a 220lb noguera in a fight. You sound stupid.
    If the BJJ guy jumped on his back, Thor could just throw himself onto his back on the ground. I think 200kg landing on him might make him lose his grip.

    I get that skill helps a lot, but I just don't think it can overcome that big a strength discrepancy. Or at least not 100% of the time. Of course, BJJ is flavour of the month now and everyone who does it thinks it turns them into some sort of invincible jedi. This despite the fact that more fights are won in the UFC by knockout than submission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cfink View Post
    True, but there’s an equal if not worse problem with strength guys who are 20+% body fat and have never done any kind of martial training but think they would win a fight because they “see red” or are bigger/stronger. Be both and carry a gun.
    There are only two ways to win an actual fight. You either run away (preferred), or you hit the other guy first, preferably with a heavy object. You should continue hitting him though.

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    I would not want to get hit by this 5 times worlds strongest man. And 17-8 record isn't bad at all. Is he the best? No, but his power helps a lot. I would rather be stronger in a fight than the other guy especially if we had similar skills set. Gordon Ryan is very strong and some say the GOAT of no gi BJJ.
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