SS Colorado Springs Gym Owner, JD, joins Ray on the podcast to discuss his role as a military leader, his motivation for opening a gym, recovering from a rooftop fall with strength training, and squatting 500 lb in his 40s.

01:25 - JD's squat PR with no proof
03:29 - Role in the military
08:38 - Motivation for opening Starting Strength Colorado fell off a roof?
15:03 - Back to Starting Strength
17:29 - When did you start hurting less?
19:00 - Other considerations than opening a Starting Strength Gym
25:31 - JD's role in the military and the skills needed
29:49 - Philosophical viewpoints coming from the military
32:59 - Plan for hiring
39:17 - How to contact JD
41:42 - Goals for the next few years
46:08 - We will grow as slowly as we need to
49:21 - Apprenticeship in Orlando
57:40 - Last day in the Army