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Thread: Squat shoes

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    Quote Originally Posted by sssha View Post
    Hi there,

    I saw a post asking about lifting shoes. I'd like to post mine.

    I'm about 5'2'' tall, and my shoe size is 3 US and 35 EU. (Yes, I buy children's shoes the majority of the time. )The heel-toe length ranges from 21.5cm to 22cm in the evening. I'm looking for a pair of lifting shoes that fit my feet, have a low heel height, and can be shipped to Europe. Asics lifting shoes have the lowest heel (0.5''), but I don't know how to get them. They are also beyond my budget (about 150 euros). I'd appreciate any suggestions.
    Try Sabo shoes, they are Russian and should have a Euro dealer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oso Rojo View Post
    I use both the classics and the newer plastic sole design. My standard day to day is the classic wood sole version and the new design are my backups. I like the leather on the classics so it molds to your foot over time. With the wooded sole you can get the bottom surface replaced with a good shoe repair place. I've been lifting in Do Wins now for 5 years and have been happy. The only reason I upgrade to the classics was to treat myself for keeping on my lifting schedule. Sounds silly but it a way to reinforce new habits, hahaha.

    The only thing I've done after three years of use was replace the sole that was getting warn down year the wood structure and changed the laces to 45" kevlar version. The originals were way to long for my taste.

    I recommend them, so plan on possibly sending a pair back to get a different size. Make sure you get a size that works for you.

    PS: I wear 9E dress shoes and boots.
    I hear ya. I do the same. I just picked up a set of High Temp bumpers so I can do my deads and powercleans outdoors. My house is on pier and beam. I think I am going to grab that Buddy Capps All American bar for my next upgrade. I have the B&R 2.0 bar and love it. Then hopefully a full set of strength co plates if uncle same doesn't completely steal all of my wealth this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by BareSteel View Post
    You might have success with the classic style Do-Wins with the wooden heel (I know what you meant, but the sole is technically crepe as of right now). Iíve heard of guys with wider feet touting classic Do-Wins as the most feasible choice after trying some of the more mainstream shoes.
    Thanks I think I am going to buy a pair if I can find em in 12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quanta View Post
    It's a bit over your budget, but this Czech website has a Chinese model, Anta, in your size. Weightlifting Shoes ANTA - black - WORKOUT.EU
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan DCNT View Post
    Try Sabo shoes, they are Russian and should have a Euro dealer.
    Thanks. I will check these two. They both look great. Anta and Sabo shoes have heel heights of 0.787 inches and 0.77 inches respectively.

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