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Thread: Q&A Episode - Beef Heart, Coffee, and Rolfing | Starting Strength Radio #238

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    Default Q&A Episode - Beef Heart, Coffee, and Rolfing | Starting Strength Radio #238

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    Rip answers questions from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.

    • 03:01 Comments from the Haters!
    • 17:39 Starting Strength 30 years from now
    • 18:40 Beef heart
    • 20:12 Starting Strength involved in the culture war
    • 23:32 People avoid Nick D in the streets
    • 27:32 Rolfing sessions
    • 36:54 Seeing a doctor in the absence of symptoms
    • 1:03:44 Coffee brands
    • 1:09:24 Training schedule for 1-2 hours a day

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    I really enjoyed the discussion around the medical establishment.
    I can say from experience that it is not much better overseas, even where arguments about the business model of medicine carry less water. I have a medical horror story that happened in the French socialized health care system, where there was no pecuniary incentive for the doc to do something rather than nothing.

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    When I tell people even who exercise that my back pain went away permanently by squatting, deadlifting and stopping all situps they look at me like I'm crazy. Hard sell but it works.

    Beef heart. I mainly eat deer and elk hearts but process is the same. Learn how to cut a heart. Cut properly it opens like a book and makes three "steaks". Remove all fat (waxy), atria, valves and the little "heart strings" inside. You're basically eating the ventricle walls and the ventricular septum. I like it pan seared med rare with just salt, pepper maybe a little garlic, Montreal steak or Worcestershire sauce. The texture is similar to a chicken gizzard and will not change with long slow cooking.
    My other method is pickling a heart. Same cuts but cut steaks into strips. Quick boil then into spicy vinegar with herbs and spices of your choice. Great on sandwiches.

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