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Thread: Enter the Lifting Shoe

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    I am 51 years old, 5'6" 175lbs.<<may be relevant

    I have been lifting for about 11 years and have always used flat sole shoes (both in and out of the gym). Recently been having trouble with my feet, saw podiatrist....basically my arches are falling and causing pain in the toe area. He recommended (in daily life) to start wearing arch support although not high arch support due to some underlying Plantar Fasciitis...which is why I started wearing flat soles years ago...coming off an off period from being sick for several weeks....anyway...enough backstory.

    So I got me a couple pair of lifting shoes and in squats I have noticed a few things.
    ...This is going to take some getting used to (tending to lean forward)
    ...I immediately noticed pain in one knee (at submaximal weight)
    ...Feet actually feel better
    ...I'm taller! LOL

    My question....How do you make the transfer TO lifting shoes without causing problems such as the knee pain and bad form?


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    We've never found it to be a problem. Just don't fall down.

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    Does video show that your form has noticeably changed with the shoes? I agree that may feel a lot different at first, but your body should be moving in almost the same way.

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    Having fallen arches is a bitch. You should be wearing insoles; your doctor must prescribe it to you.

    Trust me, you don't want your heels to start deforming.

    Ask him for insoles and put it into your lifting shoes.

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