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    Started SS in late July, and was making good progress before school started and I joined the rowing team. I stopped weight training altogether, but now I'm realizing that I definitely need to be moving heavy weights in order to improve my erg scores and to maintain muscle balance (I row starboard). I started up again this past Monday, and based on my schedule, I'll be doing Tues-Thurs-Sun after this week.

    Oct 5
    Squat - 185 lbs
    Bench - 135
    Deadlift - 245

    Oct 8
    Squat - 195
    Press - 95
    Power Clean - 75

    This was my first time doing power cleans since the gym in my hometown is not equipped to handle them and the gym at my college is. The cleans started off fine, but they got pretty messy by the fifth set. Definitely need to work on those. I'm annoyed at how much my squat has dropped, but at least I've maintained some of my strength (it started at 145). Looking forward to seeing how my erg scores are going to be affected by my barbell second 2k time is 7:37 min, down from 7:58. I'm told that I should be aiming for a sub-7:00 time, so my goal is to get there as quickly as possible.

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    Squat - 205x1x5, 200x2x5
    Bench - 140 lbs
    Deadlift - 255 lbs

    Today sucked.

    The first set of squats was incredibly difficult, and after I finished I knew that I wouldn't be able to complete another two sets of five, so I dropped the weight by 5 lbs for the next two sets. Bench was fine. Deadlift was hard, and I had to use a reverse grip to do it. Form was a bit off too...on the last couple of reps the bar swung out from my legs a bit. I think that means my hips were too high, right? I'll double check with the book.

    I know my problem is that I'm not eating enough. And rowing 2 hours a day, 6 days a week definitely does not help my recovery. Fortunately it's Thanksgiving here in Canada, so rowing is cancelled for the weekend and I'm at home where I've got an almost unlimited supply of food. Tonight: me, an extra-large pizza, and a bottle of oil.


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