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    Some background:
    Age 22. This time last year I was about 310lbs and weak as hell. Had some success with various programs and even a little crossfit in Q1/Q2 of this year, dropping weight and getting a little stronger but at my lightest i was still about 230. Fell back into bad habits over the summer and put on a lot of weight.

    Started training again at the beginning of October, weighing about 260. Apart from 2 weeks off with flu and a week away I've been fairly consistent with linear progression (although small increases).

    Current lifts as of this week are:
    Back Squat - 136.25kg 3x5 (up from 100kg in october)
    Deadlift - 185kg x3 (up from 145kg)
    Bench - 80kg 3x5 (up from 65kg)
    Power clean - 82.5kg 5x3 (up from 70kg)
    Press - 55kg 3x5 (up from 42.5kg)

    Bodyweight is about 272 at the moment. Needless to say I'm fairly fucking useless at the diet side. I've been overweight all my life. At least now I'm a little less weak.

    I think I'm approaching the end of linear progression as even small jumps (1.25kg) in the squat are becoming really hard to maintain. The plan is to keep going untill January then focus on fat loss for a few months. Hopefully this log will give me a bit of accountability to actually stick with a more restricted diet in january (as opposed to my current and lifelong eat everything I feel like diet) if i record my bodyweight once a week and post it along with my monday lifting. Anyway, on to the log. At the moment I'm alternating A (Squat, Bench, DL) and B (Squat, Press, PC) workouts.

    16th Dec 09
    Squat - 3x5x136.25kg
    Deadlift - 3x185kg
    Bench - 3x5x75kg (I got 4 reps on my first set last time on 81.25kg so decided to reset a bit)

    Grip was very close to giving out on the deadlift, I practically dropped the bar from waist height on the 3rd rep.
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    18th Dec 09

    Most of the logs here seem to be in lbs so i guess I'll conform.

    Squat - 3x5x303
    Power Clean - 5x3x165
    Press - 3x5x124

    The PC today was a reset as I missed a bunch of reps last time, I think partially due to technique. Hopefully I can work on it over the next 2 weeks or so as I get back to where I was. This has been the slowest progress of any lift now.

    Squat and press felt heavy but good. Really working on pushing my knees out harder as rip told me when i posted a vid. It's nowhere near good yet but heading in the right direction. I only started using a belt recently, and my abs were sore as hell after the first time I pressed with it. Expecting same again tomorrow.

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    21st Dec 09

    Squat - 3x5x308.5
    Deadlift - 3x413
    Bench - 3x5x171

    3 plates on the squat made me happy today (although i think its like 7lb lighter than what 3 plates are if they were lb plates).

    Deadlift was a bit dodgy, my grip went as i pulled the 3rd rep off the floor so i chalked up again and finished the set. I've been pulling triples 3 times a fortnight for a while now just because I like it, but maybe its time to change that to once a week and go for 5s as i probably should be doing. Any suggestions on what number to start on would be appreciated allthough I know it would just be a guess.

    Bench was ok, not quite back to where I stalled yet though.

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    23rd Dec 09

    Squat - 3x3x242 (light)
    Power Clean - 5x3x171
    Press - 3x5x127lb

    Squats felt terrible today so I decided to go light. I'm regretting my 5lb jump on monday now. I think i'm going to switch over to intermediate programming for the squat starting monday, microloading 3x a week is difficult.

    Cleans were nice and quick, still a few sessions away from where i failed before though. Press was heavy but good.


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