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    Just made 200 BW, so I guess you guys can trust me now.

    Started 11/1 with

    BW - 176
    Squat - 105
    Press - 45
    Dead - 185
    Bench - 95

    Current Lifts (ALL PRs)

    BW - 200!
    Squat - 210
    Press - 105
    Dead - 315
    Bench - 180
    Power Clean - 115

    Drinking my milk every day, am getting a little bit of a gut, but I figure that my back will eat it when it gets hungry.

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    Default Making bank on SS

    Let me start by saying that I work in a poolroom, and we will bet on anything and everything from olympic curling to tic tac toe...

    The other day I was hanging out in the poolroom and we were talking about a local MMA contest that is coming up next month, my friend brian says "hey, me and you should enter that thing and fight, we are probably in the same weight class. I said no way in hell, how much you weigh? 175 he says, how bout you? I let him know with pride that I am a 206 pound man, and he cries BULLSHHH. How much you wanna bet? I ask. He says I'll bet you 50 cash that you don't weigh more than 200 pounds. The next day we hit up the rec center and go in the locker room, I strip down to my fashion breifs and load my manlyness onto the measurement device. The digital scale took a moment to calculate and then displayed a glorious 204! PAY UP CHUMP...

    being stronger than you look is so much cooler than looking stronger than you are.


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