Keith's Pursuit of DAD STRENGTH Keith's Pursuit of DAD STRENGTH

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Thread: Keith's Pursuit of DAD STRENGTH

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    Default Keith's Pursuit of DAD STRENGTH

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    A little backstory: I got a big kick out of the video on one on breaking in a new belt. The guy comments on Rip's "dad strength". I would link directly to the page and cite the guy's name, but I am at work and 70s big is blocked.

    So, I thought it would be fun to chronicle my pursuit of being "Dad Strong".

    About me: Started doing CF October '08. Fast forward to now where I had to take a 6 month leave of absence. (Birth of my first child) During that time I discovered I didn't have all day to do crazy metcons, and I wanted to lift more weight. Also during that time I dabbled in the CFWF method of GPP and Strength programming, which I liked alot. I'm just now able to get back on a regular training schedule, but for this go-round I will save the Metcons for Saturday with M-W-F doing the novice, linear progression work.

    As if you care:

    Age: 36
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 282 (At this time I'm not too terribly concerned with the weight...I know how to clean up my diet and I'm not interested in having underwear model, 90's small abs)

    Goal 1: Get DAD STRONG
    Goal 2: 500 DL 400 Squat 300 BP 200 PC

    And so it begins...

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    Great title. Getting DAD STRONG is my goal too, and I liked how Mike Hom used the term in that video. The name says it all - nothing motivates like knowing you got a family counting on you to be the lifter of all things heavy and the example of how to get shit done. Keep up the good work.


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