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    Spaceboy Guest

    Default SB training log

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    Hey all, I'm Spaceboy and this here piece of internet is going to be for my training log.

    Age: 25
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 185 lbs +/- 5lbs (on a given day and depending on the munch session from last night)

    Current Maxes: No idea, but this will be updated as they occur

    A bit about myself: Found Starting Strength, read it, read it again, got on the program and now it's a permanent fixture in the bathroom. Gained an okay amount of strength and worked my way up from 165 to 187lbs. Then in a moment of weakness and under a pile of injuries (from other sports, not lifting) I decided to take some time off(which ended up being about 3/4 of year, argh!!!) to do some other shit, heal and start up with schooling again

    A few months ago, I decided that my hiatus had gone on long enough. So I stopped being a pussy and started training again. I'm now on advanced linear progression, getting stronger and faster little by little.

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    Spaceboy Guest

    Default 4/12

    Since I'm just starting this log, I'll include Monday's (4/12) lifting session:

    (Sets x reps x weight in lbs unless otherwise specified)
    Squat 3x5x310
    Press 3x5x160*
    P.C. 5x3x185
    Chins 3x6x50 + bw

    *Last 2 reps on the last set were more like a push press than a strict overhead press so I'm going to count it as a failure for presses at that weight.

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    Nice lifts.

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    Spaceboy Guest

    Default 4/14

    Quote Originally Posted by PVC View Post
    Nice lifts.
    BW = 185.5

    Front Squat 3x5x250
    Bench 3x5x215
    Deadlifts 1x5x365 (double overhand grip)
    Dips 3x10x50+bw
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    Spaceboy Guest


    So I haven't posted in a while...but I'm going to try to be good about logging my workouts here. I ended up tweaking an old back injury and had to take a 5 weeks off from squating and pulling before it felt better. Started up again at the end of May and it's been a rebuilding period since. Bleh

    BW: 173lbs

    Squat 3x5x300
    Press 3x5x160 (last 2 reps on 3rd set were more like push presses, I think the reason for form breaking down was a loss of concentration)
    Chins 3x6x76 +bw
    Dips 3x6x76 + bw

    Nice jog at the track 2.5 miles

    Overall a good training session, I was pretty happy with the squats. At this point, I don't really care about gaining weight or losing weight, it's not that big of an issue. If I feel like my lifts are suffering I'll eat more and if not then I'll just maintain. But on average I'm eating about 3500 calories a day in mostly clean foods.

    Peace out
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    Spaceboy Guest


    7.1.10 Thursday

    bw = 175.3

    Front Squat 3x3x265
    Bench 3x5,5,4+1x215
    Power Cleans 3x3x209
    Chins 3x5x78+bw
    Dips 3x5x78+bw

    Overall a good session. Added some more assistance work because I don't think I'm going to get my 3rd workout for the week due to the holiday. Changed from 3x5 to 3x3's on the front squat...felt like I was having a hard time recovering last week when I did 3x5 on front squats. Power cleans were awesome, felt explosive and form was good.

    Have a good weekend all

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    Spaceboy Guest


    7.5 Monday

    Squat 3x5x303
    Press 3x5x165*
    Dips 3x6x66
    Power Cleans 5x2x207
    Chins 3x6x66+bw

    *presses were more like push presses, had a lot of leg drive. think i'll do a reset on those next time

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    Spaceboy Guest


    starting strength coach development program
    7.6 Tuesday

    Sprints 2x4x150m (2min rest between reps, 5 min between sets)
    Tire flips with random big tire on the field 3x15xtire


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