I'm starting this to log my "training" during another weight cut. My weight's been kinda stuck at 290, and I'm not really looking to blow up more. I'm also looking at having to take a fitness test to earn a full time position at my job, and one of the tests consists of pushups, and another involves heart rate. So I'll be including pushups and some sled conditioning in this. Rob Santana has talked about having some success programming guys on cuts to use higher reps than 5s so I'll also be trying to replicate that on the big barbell lifts. I'll also be using assistance work with a similar design to the "one lift a day" 4 day split routine. I like the idea of doing a lift's assistance work on a different day to keep frequency up. The main thrust here is going to be building up some muscular endurance, in the hopes it'll let me do more pushups.